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International land freight is a significant part of what we do at EXPERTRANS. We offer our customers special solutions based on load size, routes and countries.

We operate full-truck and less-than truckload land freight services between Morocco, Europe and West Africa.

International Cold Chain Transport

Our cold chain transportation service delivers frozen foods and pharmaceutical products quickly and safely within temperature-controlled refrigerating vehicles. In addition, because we firmly believe in transparency and visibility we provide our customers with instant tracking and real-time information via GPS-equipped vehicles.

Our international land freight service includes:

Full-Truck Load (FTL)
Temperature-Controlled Transportation
Less-Than Truckload (LTL)
Transit Loading
Hazardous Substances Transportation
Multimodal Transportation

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Despite the regular change of the business world, we never separate from our principles


We guard our integrity and our mutual trust


Our approach focuses on companies


Our commitment is based on lasting relationships


We value and respect diversity in our work together.

Service Excellence

We strive for perfection at all times

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