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EXPERTRANS is always acting with an innovative approach, we complete all operation processes related to intermodal transportation with optimum cost and perfect business processes.

Our wide business network around the world gives us the opportunity to do intermodal transportation wherever and whenever. By constantly renewing our perspective on logistics, we realize intermodal transportation with special advantages for our customers.

We keep pace with the “Just in Time” production approach with our intermodal operations. In this way, we can reach the target in 99% fixed transit times. We manage a logical operation process that is efficient, cost-effective and in line with the true meaning of logistics.

How Do We Transport ?

We offer our intermodal transportation service by integrating more than one transport mode. In general, we can set off from Morocco by railroad and use different transport modes for the delivery stages after arrival in the destination country.

Environment-friendly Transport Mode

Our operations are also environmentally friendly, as we minimum carry by trucking in intermodal transportation. We complete our intermodal transportation operations with minimal carbon emissions.

Instant Support

In our intermodal transportation service, we can use transport containers with different features and sizes. Our expert teams trace your loads at all times, from the unloading stage at ports to their transfer to local drivers in the target country.

You can contact our teams if you want to get detailed information and price offers about our intermodal transports, which we fully reflect EXPERTRANS service and quality standards.


Our Goodness What Makes Us Special

Our values

Despite the regular change of the business world, we never separate from our principles


We guard our integrity and our mutual trust


Our approach focuses on companies


Our commitment is based on lasting relationships


We value and respect diversity in our work together.

Service Excellence

We strive for perfection at all times

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